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VCpro5 has a Project Scheduler with a difference.
After turning an Estimate into a Live-Project (with 2 clicks), the details of the Live-Project (a copy of the Estimate) are automatically transferred to the Project Planner as depicted below.
Every Project Activity automatically receives a green Planner bar, and you can simply move the bars with the mouse cursor to the planned start dates. A yellow tool tip displays the start-and end date as you move it. Then you can drag the right edge of a bar with the mouse cursor to lengthen or shorten the bar and so determine the end date of a planned Activity.
Actual Project Progress is subsequently indicated with a dark-green bar just below Planned Progress bars. The data used to calculate Actual Progress is taken from Progress Claims or Acquisitions.

The Project Planner sends the start dates of the Planned Progress bars to the Replenish (Acquisition) window. The start dates are used as Required dates to indicate when what items or materials must be purchased.


If it is not desirable that the total of an allowed quantity is to be purchased all at once, the bar of such item or resource can be broken up into several bars, and a specific quantity can be entered for each bar. The Replenish window will then list such item or material several times, each listing with its individual Required date (the start date of a bar). This can be done when clicking the +boxes on the left of the Project Planner. This unhides the items or materials of individual Project Activities so that they can be scheduled for the time they are required.

The Required dates in the above-mentioned Replenish (Acquisition) window can also be edited without the use of the Project Planner.

Here is a reduced window of the Project Planner.

VisualCost Project Planner
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