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The General Ledger of Visualcost VCpro5 presents financial data in summary and detail to satisfy the Bank manager, auditors and IRS.
No Month-end or Year-end procedure are required. Reporting is completely date driven. You can however lock previous Financial years.

Visualcost VCpr5 Project Costing and Analysis runs parallel to the General Ledger - automatically.
Project data can span several Financial years. Summary data and details can be accessed by merely selecting the required date range.

The Project Cost and Income Summaries can be accessed with 2 clicks.

Allowed and Actual Costs
You can compare a Project's Allowed (estimated or budgeted) quantities and costs with the Used quantities and Actual costs for any selected date range. The Allowed costs are extracted from a Project's Estimate, taking the activity timing in the Project Planner into account.
(A Project Estimate can be set up quickly but either copying items from a previous Estimate or importing an Estimate from an Excel spreadsheet or ASCII file.)

Overhead Costs
Costs that cannot be allocated to any specific Project can be allocated to Overhead Centers. Typical Overhead Centers are Head Office (Admin salaries, rent, etc.), Central Store (to manage its maintnance costs), Trucks and Mobile cranes, Concrete pumps (that serve all sites), etc.
The accumulative costs of Overhead Centers are shown in the bottom list of the Project Costs and Income window. See below.
These costs can be added by percentages to the Projects' Actual costs.
The OH Cost column will display the portions of Overhead Center Costs allocated to the Projects displayed in the top list.
A printout will merge the Projects' Actual costs and allocated Overhead Center costs and place the sum total next to the Projects' income. Another column in the printout will display the calculated NET PROFIT.

Invoiced and Received totals
The Invoiced column displays the projects' accumulative Invoiced total.
When using the top list's horizonal scroll bar, the Received totals can be viewed as well.

Read on below the image.

VisualCost Project Costs and Income
Click to enlarge

The Analysis button calls the Cost Analysis window of the selected Project.
The History button calls the Transaction History window of the selected Project.

If you turn on the checkbox Show Overhead Details and then click the Analysis or History button, you'll access the cost details of the selected Overhead Center. You can for instance see when and by whom the gearbox of a truck was overhauled, even if it was 5 years ago.

You can register any number of Overhead Centers to accumulate costs that cannot be allocated to a specific Project. The accumulated costs of Overhead Centers can be added by % to the actual costs of the Projects so that every business expense is accounted for when looking at a Project's NET PROFIT.

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