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The C column in the Purchase Orders List below
indicates the delivery status of all Purchase Orders for a selected Project and for a selected date range.
The C column displays a C for Completed, L for Late, N for Nil and U for Under-delivered orders. As you well know, some work cannot commence if some of the ordered materials have not been delivered to site in full. If your crew or subcontractor with his team arrives on site and all the timber is there except for a specific size, or the nails, they cannot start.

When selecting an incomplete order and clicking the View Order Items button of the Purchase Orders List below, the missing items can be viewed; the vendor can be reminded.

If the vendor has not enough stock, you can create a Demand for Credit and order the missing material elsewhere.
The ordered quantities of the under-delivered order will be reduced by the quantity of the Demand for Credit and the order will show a C.
If you create a Request for Replacement for damaged goods, the order will show a U until the required goods have been been recorded as received on site.

You can sort the list by clicking the header of the column you want the list to sort by.

VisualCost Purchase Orders List
Click to enlarge.

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