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Monitor costs and material usage
A Project's Allowed (estimated) and Actual quantities and costs are displayed side by side to provide project-vital information. Unacceptable tolerances can be detected quickly.
The Allowed and Actuals can be displayed

Further functions are listed below the Cost Anaysis image.

The available information can help you to detect unacceptable differences and allows you to take corrective action at the earliest possible time.

The dropdown list shown at the bottom of the image also allows you to read in Certified and Ordered quantities and costs. When selected, the Used quantities and their costs will be replaced with the selection so that the Certified or the Ordered can be compared with the Allowed.

VisualCost Cost Analysis
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If you purchase materials in stock sizes such as 20 of 9ftx2"x9" and 30 of 15ftx2"x9", the quantities will automatically be converted to ft here in the Cost Analysis so that you can compare the quantity of 2"x9" allowed in your Estimate with the total quantity purchased on a one-to-one basis.

Other display options:
When the Used option is selected:

When the Ordered option is selected:

When the Certified option is selected:

Certified quantities and their costs are extracted from invoiced Progress Claims. This option enables you to check if there are differences between quantities delivered to site and claimed / invoiced.
The quantities and costs of a Progress Claim are deemed to be certified after
the client or his representative has approved the claim.

Under-claimed progress is underpaid progress and can have a negative effect on your cash flow.
A notable discrepancy between materials delivered to site and certified quantities can also indicate irregularities on site.

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