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A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is not only a List of Materials but also a List of Activities required for the execution of a Project.

Compiling a Project Estimate
A BOQ can be used to compile a Project Estimate quickly.
Simply select a previous Estimate, select and copy the applicable Bill Items (Cost Items: Materials and/or Activities), then select the name of the new Estimate and paste the selection.
In the new Estimate, add the quantities and update the Unit Rates (Item prices) to complete the Estimate.

Import / export
You can also import an Estimate or Inquiry from Excel or ASCII, price the items, add your markup and export the Estimate back to Excel and e-mail it to your client from within Visualcost VCrpo5.

Acquisition of materials and services
After you have priced the materials and linked the names of vendors or subcontractors who supplied you with the prices, VCpro5 displays the Project's requirements in the Project Replenish List, which enables your Purchase department to create Purchase Orders for materials and services required for the Project.

Project Planner
You can use the Project Planner not only the create a Bar chart of project activities but also determine when you require the materials and services.


Project Analysis
VCpro5's Project Analysis can help you to monitor the costs of Projects.
It displays for instance the Allowed (estimated) and Actually used quantities and costs of any selected Project for any selected time span, side by side.
This information can help you to detect unacceptable differences and allows you to take corrective action at the earliest possible time.

VisualCost Bill of Quantities
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Cost items are grouped are grouped by Headers such as Siteworks.

Subheaders (not shown in the above gif) of short or lengthy descriptions can be inserted before every cost item.

You can input a global markup for all cost items or edit the markup of individual cost items or groups of cost items.

Takeoff and input of Quantities
You can add the quantities by typing them next to the cost items or use a Digitizer.

Unit Rates
Unit Rates are the costs of materials or activities per Unit (per ft2, m2, cy, m3 etc.) You can simply enter them and then select the vendor or subcontractor from whom you received the price, or have Unit Rates computed by way of linking pre-defined Cost Clusters.
Cost items with entered Unit Rates are marked with a yellow icon.
Cost items with calculated Unit Rates are marked with a blue icon.

Edit calculated Unit Rates
You edit calculated Unit Rates quickly in BOQ Resources List when clicking the Resources button of the Estimate's BOQ. When you edit the price of cement for instance, all Cost items using cement will be re-calculated and updated automatically.

Cost Clusters
You can create a library of Clusters of Resources (Materials, Labor, Plant etc. with their respective quantities and costs) and link them to activities. The above image shows the activity Half brickwall in foundations with the Cluster Half brickwall - Material and the Cluster Half brickwall, 500 b/day 1BL, 2W linked to it.
When linking the Cost Cluster, VCpro5 can calculate the quantities of materials required for the activity.

Sales tax
Is automatically added to every item if set up when creating the Estimate header (Name, number, client etc.) but can subsequently be edited or omitted for individual item.

Names of vendors and/or subcontractors
When clicking the Resources button of the above-shown window, you can update item- and material prices and select the names of vendors or subcontractors who offered the prices. Their names will also be listed in the above-mentioned Project Replenish List next to every required material or other cost item.

Measure units
Both standard and metic units are available for selection. You can however add a unit if not found in the list.

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