TurboCASH Accounting Support Contract.

9 July 2003

TurboCASH Accounting is now distributed free under the Open Source GNU GPL. TurboCASH is Free; support services are not.

Support, training, media sales and consumables are our only sources of revenue. Please expect to be charged for support if you call TurboCASH or our consultants.

The TurboCASH Accounting support contract costs £172.44 a year. Included with support is the TurboCASH CD. This contract provides email support for a year. Support is for the TurboCASH Application. This does not cover your hardware, operating system or user specific data.

It is quite possible that you can take a support contract with us and then bring a problem to us that requires us asking you for further fees. The support contract is not an unlimited support arrangement, It covers only the TurboCASH Application. If you problem extends beyond this we will refer this to a TurboCASH consultant who would require payment for their input.

Under the GNU GPL TurboCASH is supplied Free with no Guarantees. Consultants charge for their time irrespective of the outcome of the consultattion.

The TurboCASH Support Contract is not a consulting contract on your Accounting requirements. We have a network of qualified Accountants who have their own charges for their services. These costs vary per consultant but are around £40 per hour.

TurboCASH consultants spend many hours even days learning the TurboCASH program. They are highly skilled professionals with a great deal of investment in aquiring the skills necessary to support TurboCASH systems. They will usually charge a call-out fee plus an hourly fee ie they could easily charge you 2 hours work for a 10 minute job. Please note that the job did not take 10 minutes, it includes the many hours that they have spent training on the TurboCASH programme as well as the Windows System.

TurboCASH developers and in-house consultants will also take projects at Pink Software. Our charges for consulting are £50 per hour. We will take these on, but costs should be clearly arranged before we begin work on your project.

You can get the latest copy of TurboCASH free of charge as a download or you can purchase a CD from the TurboCASH Shop