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As TurboCASH is now distributed under the GPL, the source code is available to all users. We believe that the the pure GPL has significant marketing benefits for pulling resources, users, channel- and other developers. After reviewing the Options of Freeware, Dual licencing and the Lesser GPL, we decided to follow the full original GPL.

What follows is a basic description of what the source code entails.
You can download the TurboCASH source code here or continue reading.

When we began TurboCASH, Open Source was not on our radar and we used a number of Commercial Components, including

We have written to Delphi, Woll2Woll and Install Shield explaining our predicament and the opportunity for them to expand with us, but these guys do seem stuck in the 90's and are finding it difficult to let go and embrace the Open Source Movement. They seem blissfully unaware that the OS wave waits for no-one.

Over the last year we have adopted a policy to only use Open Source Components. Although we are still strongly married to Delphi, we will progressively move away from Commercial Components.

The GPL is a really harsh licence for a developer, but guarantees the user the most rights and therefore in our opinion guarantees us the most success in the future. The rub of it is that if you take the source and make modification or extensions you have to provide these back to the TurboCASH development community for the benefit of all of us.

So this means that if you get involved in the Core TurboCASH project, that is going to take a hefty Delphi based intellectual investment, and you will have to return benefits back to the project. We will tackle the Linux implementation in the same way.

See our developers section for information about writing TurboCASH plugins as well as translation and help files.

TCASHSource.zip is the download file which contains the full TurboCASH Source code to build it less all the comemrcial components. Unless you install all the commerical components, it will not install. The very least you are going to need to check this Source out is Delphi Personal 7 (you will not be able to compile it), Kylix Open (you will also not be able to compile), or Delphi 6 or Delphi 7 Professional.

There are two main routes for TurboCASH Developers in Windows. 1) Working on the Core product and 2) Writing Plugins.

The first is very much a Delphi Project, while in the second Delphi is optional. If Delphi programming is not your cup of tea, then take this source and put it away in your cupboard. You only need to deal with TCASH3.exe, TCKernel as a COM Object, the BDE Database and the XML I/O. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DELPHI PROGRAMMER TO WRITE SUCCESSFUL PLUGINS FOR TURBOCASH.

A number of other languages can be used to:

The starting point on beginning to dig code would be the TC Kernel. This is our starting point for a COM object that encapsulates all the routines that make up TurboCASH. The aim is to make this available to a wide range of languages so that developers are fee to use their langauge of choice.

If you wish to start from outside the core then I suggest you look at how you can get scripting languages to talk to TC KERNEL as a registered COM object. The frontruners here are Pascalscript as well as dwsscript and PHP for web apps.

NB: There are 2 parts to the TurboCASH source download. Please make sure you right click on each link to download, and click on 'Save as'. For some reason, an error occurs when using a left click on the link.

Download the TurboCASH 4 Source Code