7 July 2003

TurboCASH Open Source

The no nonsense licence statement

TurboCASH is Free.

Product Definition



Reproducers, Replicators and Resellers




Product Definition.

Pink Software (Pty) Ltd grants you, and all members of the public a licence under the GNU GPL (General Public Licence) for : The TurboCASH Installation, the TurboCASH Kernel and certain plug ins with Source code. Click here for the details of the GNUGPL licence.

The TurboCASH.EXE is provided as Freeware. The TurboCASH.EXE is not provided in Source. It contains certain proprietary components. The TurboCASH Kernel does provide necessary access to modify the TurboCASH.EXE. We do not want to encourage, forking the code, so in the interest of Quality we centralise the origin of the TurboCASH.EXE.

You are free to copy TurboCASH and redistribute it. You are free to add on your own parts like chart of accounts, localised help, TurboCASH Scripts, translations and plug ins. You must distribute the TurboCASH copies under the GNU GPL licence.

Trademarks and Logos

The trademarks, TurboCASH Accounting and the product logos remain the property of Pink Software (Pty) Ltd.

You are free to copy the program as is, and to use the words “TurboCASH” and “Accounting made Easy” in advertising and packaging. TurboCASH must remain free, but you are free to charge users the media value, distribution and delivery costs for your copies. You may not pass off your copies as originals from Pink Software. For the sake of all stakeholders in TurboCASH Accounting, users must be informed that a copy is a copy. We will ask our consultants and territory agents to pay us a premium on original product; to protect them we would ask you not to infringe on our trademarks.

If you do wish to use our trade marks or logos please write to us for permission info@pinksoft.co.za .


The TurboCASH EXE is FREE for unlimited use. You are free to copy TurboCASH onto as many machines as you like. You are free to make copies of the TurboCASH CD. You are free to use TurboCASH in as many companies as you like with as many users as you like.

TurboCASH is FREE. The time of our consultants is not. There is no free support for TurboCASH. You are not obliged to pay us for support. You can easily use TurboCASH for free without our support and you need never pay us. We make every effort to make TurboCASH easy to use. Most users are able to use TurboCASH without recourse to support. If you contact us or our consultants for support, you will be charged.

If you wish to receive support from Pink Software or our Territory Agents, you will be required to take out a support contract. Click here to see the terms of our support contract.

To help you use TurboCASH we provide regular workshops in major centres. These are on a demand basis. These workshops are either provided by Pink Software, our Territory Agents, TurboCASH consultants, or third parties. These are charged for by the persons marketing and giving the workshops.

If you require on site help, or on line help related specifically to your data, you will be directed to one of our consultants who are third party persons who charge for their consulting time

The TurboCASH program is distributed without product guarantees. Therefore consultants expect to be paid for their time irrespective of the cause of the faults. This applies specifically where an error in data has resulted from an error in the TurboCASH program. Consultants expect to be paid for the time spent working on your data, irrespective of the outcome of the analysis.

Registration of the program is free. To use TurboCASH under the GNUGPL, you must give us your email address and you must agree to accept HTML formatted emails from us and our Territory Agents. The aim of this is to keep you informed of TurboCASH and to ensure that you are using the latest version of the software.

There is no exclusivity on TurboCASH consultants. Anyone can be a TurboCASH consultant and you are free to distribute TurboCASH under the GNUGPL to your own consultants. The preferred consultant is a private relationship that will be built between Pink and the preferred consultants and will develop with the commercial success of the relationship.

Reproducers, Replicators and Resellers

You are free to load TurboCASH onto new computers for sale, put it onto cover CD's for magazine distribution, copy on to existing PC's and use it in training schools or education programs. Please see the section on trademarks for limitations.


TurboCASH Accounting is free. Support is not. We expect the majority of users will be able to use TurboCASH without support. For them TurboCASH is free. If you do call Pink Software, our agents or one of our consultants please expect to be charged for support.

Before we support you, we will want you first to take out our support contract which will give you limited time of support telephonically and by email. This will cover program queries and problems.

Support does not cover program training. If you require extensive help learning the program please attend one of the regular workshops held in major centres.

Support does not cover data specific problems. If you have problems relating to your accounting system, or your specific data, we will refer you to a consultant for specialised input. This will be charged on an hourly basis.


It is our aim to develop networks of qualified consultants who are able to assist TurboCASH users with their accounting and the running of the TurboCASH program. There is no charge for becoming a TurboCASH consultant.

TurboCASH is FREE. You are free to copy and distribute the program under the GNUGPL. You can sell consulting and training services around TurboCASH. You are free to introduce TurboCASH to users and your clients. We will only require payment from you if either you or your users approach us with support problems.

Anyone is free to provide consulting services to TurboCASH users, yet we will ask our approved consultants to pay us 20% of their billing fee. In exchange for this we and our territory agents will provide the consultants with an introduction to users that require help. WE will promote your services on our web site.

TurboCASH is supplied with no guarantees. It is an imperfect program. If your users approach Pink Software with request for support, we will require that they take out a Support Contract with us, prior to our helping them. If you approach us for help with problems with your user's data, we will require that these users have a support contract.

A support contract will entitle the user to receive telephonic and email support (maximum 8 calls or 2 hours). It will also entitle the user to Online Updates. Support is application support only. Support for hardware, operating systems, accounting problems and data corruptions we expect to be carried out by consultants.

If we help you with any of the problems not covered in the Support Contract, we will charge you for these services. If another consultant with a different skill set helps you, they will be expected to be paid. It is your responsibility to convey this information to your users.

All users of TurboCASH are required to register on our web site. Registration is Free. We get regular requests for support that go outside the Support Contract. We will refer these Support requests to preferred consultants to support the users. Should we refer these users to you for assistance, we will require you to pay a percentage of the revenues earned to us. This will cover all revenues made by you in assisting the users, covering TurboCASH and non TurboCASH billings. Pink Software will not be responsible for providing any services relating to these billings. Any services provided by Pink Software will be charged at an additional cost.


You can distribute TurboCASH freely with your applications. We have set up routines to make it easy for you to interact with the TurboCASH program.

We provide many source code programs with TurboCASH. If you make modifications or extensions to these, they must be returned to us and the community as Open source programs.

We encourage you to make your own programs (that interface with TurboCASH) available under the Open Source model.

We will enter into arrangement with developers to market your programs to our registered users. We will show you how the Open source module can be profitable to you. If you make you products available under the GNUGPL and they are distributed with TurboCASH, then commission on Consulting services relating to your modules will be shared with you in an agreed schedule.

Each developer has their own environment of preference. Our aim is to widen the number of development environments that can access TurboCASH. Currently this is based around the TurboCASH Kernel a COM object provided in Delphi Source, XML import and export, Plugins.

You cannot modify the TurboCASH Installation program or the TurboCASH EXE. The purpose of this restriction is that we spend a lot of effort on quality control. We feel that it would not be in the best interests of the TurboCASH community to have copies of the program distributed with errors. It is very easy to introduce errors into the program, so we need a single source of distribution.

You are free to add you own plugins, with their own installations. The TurboCASH Kernel does provide extensive routines for modifying the way that the TurboCASH program runs and displays. We are dedicated to making this more configurable. This is provided in Source form.

Certain plugins including Online Banking, Pastel Accounting Conversion and TCUTIL are provided in Source form. Modifications to these programs must also be provided under the GNUGPL.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are licensed to use whatever development environment to link with TurboCASH. It is our intention to link with Open Source compilers or scripting languages.

TurboCASH is currently supported on the Windows 98 (Second Edition) and Windows XP platforms. We intend to make the application or modifications of the program available under the Linux Platform.

Territory Agents

Pink will appoint non exclusive territory agents. The aim of Territory agents is to provide an interface between Pink, the Users, the consultants the developers and the local accounting authorities.

Anyone can copy and distribute TurboCASH, yet we will ask out Territory agents to pay us half the Gross profit for doing so. In exchange for this we will place them in direct contact with the users, and licence them to use our trademarks on packaging and advertising.

Territory agents will help with the dissemination of CDs, manuals and maintenance releases. Territory agents will provide the Support Contract. Revenues from providing these material will be split between Pink and the Territory Agent on the basis of 50% each of gross profit (that is after deducting cost of manufacture).

Territory Agents must provide a free Internet download site for free distribution of TurboCASH. Territory Agents must provide regular workshops in the Territory. All costs and revenues from workshops are for the account of the Territory Agent.

Email address and users details of the user registering in the territory will be forwarded to the Territory Agent. The users confidentiality and privacy must be respected. At the users request, we will remove their details from our databases.

Revenue Sources and Charges

TurboCASH is free. It is however in the interest of everyone involved in using TurboCASH that Pink Software, TurboCASH consultants, TurboCASH Developers and Territory Agents run financially successful businesses. This will enable us to develop the TurboCASH program to meet the constantly changing challenges of the Accounting and Computer Software environment.

Pink Software and our Territory Agents will charge for:

Distribution of TurboCASH CDs

Distribution of Printed Manuals

Support of the Application

User Support (usually only through a consultant)

TurboCASH Workshops

Consumable Stationary (Invoice and Statement Paper)


Consultants will charge for:

System Setup

Trouble Shooting


Data Fixes

Accounting Consulting

General Business Consulting

Operating Systems Support


Developers will charge for:

Sale of their plugins

Consulting services relating to their products

Support of their Application