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Fixed asset software - Faswin UK

What is Faswin fixed asset software?

Easy-to-use, powerful electronic Fixed Asset Management software. Takes the tedium out of maintaining a fixed asset register.

Why use fixed asset software?

Fixed asset management software is essential in minimising your taxable income.

Who uses it?

Southern Sun, Spar, Pharma Natura, St John�s Ambulance, The Cold Chain, Improvair, Bandag, Questek , and hundreds of other businesses and accountants, as far afield as Australia and Tanzania.

Designed to meet your requirements

Extensive range of reports
This comprehensive range of reports turn FasWin into a dynamic management tool:

  • Depreciation
  • Wear and Tear
  • Tax & book value
  • Deferred tax
  • Asset movement
  • Purchases
  • Sales/scrapping
  • Transfers
  • Detailed asset listing
  • Labels
  • Insurance & replacement values
  • Summary reports for financial statements
Ease-of-use features make the task enjoyable
FasWin is easy to use because the entire program complies with Windows standards. On-line help assists the user at any point in the program. Why use a computerized fixed asset register
For a small investment, FasWin will give you the following substantial returns: Available Versions System Requirements

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Please note: We are agents for Faswin, but do not support the product. Support can be obtained by emailing johan@jvz.co.za