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"The Turbo Cash seminar was instuctive, motivating and interesting. Instructive because the "how-to" of the program was clearly demonstrated. Motivating because each person was given a chance to make a contribution .. even if it was to only ask a question. It was interesting because the history and hopes of the owners were shared."
Y Rodda.

"I was impressed enough to consider using the product to support my range of finance courses. Given that my reputation is what sells my courses then I'm effectively saying that Pink s/w is fine by me!"
P Suri.

"FirstPartners.Net chose TurboCASH because it's so easy to use, knowing that we won't be stung for upgrade fees as our business grows. The fact that we have we have support 'on call' is a welcome bonus , and shows just how good the product is. I recommend TurboCASH to anybody who is serious about their business."
Paul Browne, FirstPartners.Net , Dublin , Ireland.

"...Fortunately Pink Software know exactly what's required from an entry-level accounting package... Even though it's aimed at the SOHO market, TurboCASH has some impressive statistics: it supports up to 10 bank accounts, 99 sets of books, 12,000 accounts, 24,000 sub-accounts, 250 reporting groups, 40,000 debtors and creditors, and 64,000 stock items... You can also opt to use just a few of TurboCASH's features, perhaps using the program for invoicing alone. Whatever your requirements, TurboCASH will soon have your business finances on track."
PCPlus magazine 204 July 2003

"An easy to use, flexible, accounts package without the baggage of the other packages I have installed. I would recommend it to anyone running a small to medium business."
Nick Leonard, Virnik Limited


If you have anything to say about TurboCASH please email joshry@turbocashuk.com.