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TurboCASH open source accounting is free

TurboCASH .7 is the world's first major open source accounting software product distributed under the General Public License (GPL). There are many free accounting products out there, however they are almost always cut-down versions, or limited to 30 day free trials. TurboCASH Accounting software is available for free download off the web, as is the full source code.

For those interested in the platforms and databases used in the TurboCASH source code, visit the Developers section.

The big question is: why did we take such a momentous decision to go the open source route? Pink Software's MD, Mr Philip Copeman, explains in this fascinating story about how and why the open source industry emerged: The Bell Tolls for the Software Tollgates.

For those interested in the small print, you can read the following:

Open Source GPL agreementGeneral Public License agreement from Free Software Foudation
TurboCASH accounting software no-nonsense license agreementNo-Nonsense License agreement from Pink Software
TurboCASH accounting software Commercial License agreementCommerical License agreement from Pink Software

Finally, a word of encouragement from one of our stanch supporters:
Mr Copeman,

> Briefly all I can say is that I applaud your decision to open source TurboCASH. Consider yourself one of my heroes! As a long time opensource supporter, user and contributor, this is fantastic for the opensource world, fantastic for the accounting software industry, and fantastic for small businesses of which I am involved in many! I have implemented TurboCASH since the DOS days and am very pleased at this news.
> I wish you all the best of luck and will support you wherever I can.

> Kind Regards,
> Justin Stanford

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