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Is your accounting software really free?
Yes. You get the full TurboCASH .7 programme for free. No cut-down, Lite or Express versions, no 30-day trials, just fully-featured accounting software for free.

How good is the software? Surely if it's free, it's inferior?
Nothing could be further from the truth. Look at this chart on the Compare us page if you are not convinced. Features-wise we are every bit as good as middle-range Quickbooks and Sage software costing �250 and more. We have adopted the open source model used by world-class software providers such as MYSQL and OpenOffice.

So what's the catch then?
There isn't any. You do not have to pay us anything for the software. However, if you know nothing about accounting, you would best buy the TurboCASH CD which contains the full manual on how to use TurboCASH accounting as well as the training movies. If you want the full monty, go for the All-in-one solution which includes the TurboCASH CD, hard-copy manual as well as support for a year - all for only �99+VAT.

You spend �150k a year on development. How do you make money?
We make money from the sale of consumables, CD Media versions, boxed versions, printed documentation, support contracts, complementary software and consulting serivces. We anticipate that many users, especially those with basic accounting knowledge will use TurboCASH free of charge. Good luck to you - spread the word that not only is TurboCASH cheaper that anyone else, it is also more modern, more open, more flexible and more powerful.

What's all this stuff about 'open source'?
In addition to TurboCASH being free, the source code is provided to developers who can add plug-ins to the main programme and in so doing enable various vertical market opportunities. For those interested, please email info@turbocashuk.com.

How often are new versions released?
Major upgrades occur once a year; releases every 4 months or so.