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'Accounting Made Easy'

TurboCASH Accounting Made Easy manual

A key factor in small business failure is that they fail to keep accurate records. Without this information neither you nor your shareholders, staff, investors, advisors and financial authorities have a map to understand where you have been or where you are going.

Accounting Made Easy leads the non-accountant

Accounting remains the domain of specialist advisors. This e-book is for small businessmen and women who need to keep a record of their business and run a computerised Accounting System. It leads the non-accountant through the terminology and mythology that keep the layman out in the cold when it comes to producing a set of Books.

Accounting Made Easy is a step-by-step approach to some of the tricky questions that plague us. It covers the simple business processes such as accounts setup, invoicing, payments, receipts and journal entries and is the key to understanding the elusive difference between a debit and a credit.

All transactions are explained and illustrated using TurboCASH Accounting.

Check out the Table of Contents.

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