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The core TurboCASH product

TurboCASH Accounting is a Windows App dependent on Delphi 6, BDE, Paradox, Infopower3, QuickReports Pro, Midas XML, InnoScript, Micosoft HTML Compiler, Install Shield. A linux version is being planned.

Unless you really have the stomach for this, buy the TurboCASH CD which contains the full source code, put it in your cupboard and head for the section on developing plugins and localisations.

The first level of the program involves producing a click and go system for each market, but this can evolve into a distributed Accounting model that is going develop into a wide area accounting product.

Writing TurboCASH Plugins

TurboCASH is designed to write Plugins and Addons that do not require extensions of the source. You are free to bundle these with TurboCASH and to sell them commercially. So therefore as long as we keep TurboCASH (the core product) moving along freely and in as great a volume as possible, the market for your commercial plugins will keep rising. We will happily help you with the marketing of these.

The aim of writing plugins is not to restrict you to development environment but to make it as widely available to as many languages as possible.

You can connect to TurboCASH Accounting:

We would encourage other connections and should not limit our development to only environments in which we are familiar Icons and interface are easily presented for your use.

Translation, Help Files and Simple Localisations

If you still reading this and feel that all this programming stuff is too much for you, there are developement opportunities for scripters, Html layout, training multimedia and help files as well as for language translation. No programming knowledge required.

Above all, make use of the TurboCASH Forum to put forward any questions you may have relating to the source code or writing plug-ins for TurboCASH. The Download Source Code page also contains some useful information on what the source code entails.

For the truly brave, you can download the TurboCASH Developers' Guide PDF file.