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Our list of TurboCASH Consultants

Join our list of TurboCASH consultants.

Types of TurboCASH Consultants

Consulting Fees

Starting Out as a TurboCASH Consultant
Approximately 1000 new users take on TurboCASH every month. Accounting can be difficult for the first time user. Consultants are independent advisors that fill this gap. We are always looking to sign up new consultants in areas all over the world that will help customise and implement TurboCASH for their local conditions. This would include:
  • Setup and installation for new users.
  • Import of data from other accounting packages into TurboCASH.
  • Facilitating the conversion process from a manual bookkeeping system to an electronic one run under TurboCASH in existing businesses that are not using accounting software.
  • Handling of corrupted accounts and data.
  • Training users on backup procedures and TurboCASH features
  • Providing ongoing advice with respect to accounts maintenance and data entry.


An accounting degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a consultant. Experience in setting up business accounting systems is important, as is a knowledge of the workings of the TurboCASH .7 accounting system.

Consultants fall into 3 categories:
Accountants - People who can implement the local conditions
System Operators - People who understand the workings of the TurboCASH System
Programmers - People who can develop plug-ins and add-ons for TurboCASH


The major benefit to the consultant is that TurboCASH .7 is FREE. There is no charge to your client for the software; all revenue derived by the consultant will be for his or her services alone. In addition, it must be realised that TurboCASH .7 is a fully-featured accounting package, on a par with Pastel, QuickBooks and Sage packages costing in excess of �400, often with additional annual software licences.

You should be very clear about your fees when dealing with users. This should be clarified up front. Pink Software is not able to underwrite or solve any dispute that should arise between yourself and users. At all times it should be made clear that you operate as an independent 3rd party.

In Open Source Software, the software is free. Services are not. We have so many advantages in Open Source Software, unfortunately this is not one of them. Users have become used to free presales support from commercial vendors, who will wine and dine them until they are ensured. We are not able to offer this. Users have to pay for demonstrations, answering product questions and any help that they require. For our part, we will keep educating the users about this status.

Similarly as a consultant, you should not expect to get free consulting services from other TurboCASH consultants. We do encourage you to seek and get help from other consultants. It is rare that a single consultant has accounting, systems and programming skills. Often you make big gains by combining with another consultant. But please do not approach other TurboCASH consultants with your customers problems, unless you are are happy to pay that consultant for their services.


Anyone can become a TurboCASH consultant. Your rights to use and trade with the TurboCASH Accounting Software are guaranteed by the GNU GPL. However we do reserve the right to remove you from the Consultants list if we get users complaints. You should at all times act in a professional and caring manner towards our users, who collectively form the customer base from which we collectively derive our revenue.

These are the steps that should be taken to become a consultant:
  • Do the Handyman Tutorial. The TurboCASH CD comes with a complete Tutorial that covers the basic concepts of TurboCASH.
  • Run TurboCASH in your own business. Nothing teaches you the program better than day to day use of the product.
  • Trawl the TurboCASH Forum. A really good way to begin in this business is to offer free support to users on the forum. You find that there are not that many things that actually go wrong with TurboCASH, it is usually a user error. The forum will lead you to new customers.
  • Join Sourceforge. Sourceforge is the worlds leading repository of Open Source Software. This is where TurboCASH downloads are hosted. It also contains our source CVS and bug tracking system. Even if you are not going to become part of the programming team you should understand the TurboCASH releases and which are most suited to your users.
  • Sell TurboCASH CD's. These CDs are always available from out territory agents or from our Online Shop. Along with the Free Open Source TurboCASH, the CD also contains plug-ins, extra documentation and other Open Source programs. You can purchase these CDs in volume at a discount from our Territory Agents
  • Learn the TCDataUTIL program This program, which can be a mouthful when you first encounter it, installs as a plug-in from the TurboCASH CD. It allows you to really dig into the TurboCASH Data and to even run SQL queries on the data. It is most useful for repairing or correcting a corrupt set of books.
  • Take a support contract yourself. There are a number of very experienced TurboCASH consultants. In particular Razak Accounting in Johannesburg offers telephone and email support to consultants. This would be very useful as a backup and second line of support if you feel insecure about supporting TurboCASH.
  • Take the Courses offered by Pink Software. These courses for consultants are offered with CDs that you can sell to recover the cost of the course itself. TurboCASH has been around in earlier forms for nearly 20 years, so there are some people who really know the product.
  • Begin as soon as possible. The hardest installation to support is the first one. They get easier after that. You will soon realise that there are very few TurboCASH problems that cannot be solved.