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TurboCASH, the leading small business accounting software package, is developed by Pink Software, the oldest Software Publisher in South Africa. There are over 25 000 Pink Software users in more than 50 countries. Pink Software are the original developers of TurboCAD, a product with over 1 000 000 users.

February 1983 Philip Copeman develops StatsModeller, an addon to MicroModeller, marketed by Intelligence (UK), then the UK's most successful software publisher.

March 1984 Pink Software releases Fasset, a Fixed Asset Manager for calculation depreciation and managing assets.

April 1985 TurboCASH accounting software and TurboCAD are added to the Pink Label.

April 1987 TurboCAD is launched in Europe and Pink Software places itself squarely in the mass market bracket.

June 1989 Pink Software merges with Softcover Software, ICL (SA), a subsiduary of the UK's largest computer company and owns 25% of the shares.

November 1992 Philip Copeman engineers a management buyout and becomes 100% owner of Pink Software.

March 1995 www.pinksoftware.com is published as Pink Software's Website.

July 1995 TurboCASH Client/Server is released.This world first allows TurboCASH users to share data over a LAN OR over the Internet.

October 1995 Pink Software acquires marketing rights to Translator, a high quality sentence translator. Translator is launched at CeBIT in Hannover.

May 1998 Techcom acquires 50% of Pink Software.

May 1999 UAM acquires 100% of Techcom.

July 1999 Pink Software enters partnership with Lotus.

May 2001 Philip Copeman buys back 85% control of Pink Software.

January 2002 Pink Software releases a major update of its flagship accounting software product - TurboCASH 3.6i.

January 2003 Another major upgrade to TurboCASH - Pink Software releases TurboCASH .7 with an integrated point of sale system and online banking module.

July 2003 A major milestone for TurboCASH as it is released under the GNU GPL agreement and becomes part of the open source community.