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'Accounting Made Easy'

TurboCASH Accounting Made Easy manual with CD

All the resources you need to use TurboCASH effectively.

TurboCASH .7 is available on the latest TurboCASH CD and contains numerous extra Open Source Packages. In particular we are comitted to making TurboCASH work with Open Office, Mozilla, Apache, PHP, Tight VNC, Tortoise CVS, Teamspeak and MySQL. These hundreds of Megabytes of Data make it simpler to purchase the CD than to download from numerous different sites.

The CD contains additional plugins which are not open source: Pastel Converter, Online Banking, TCDataUtil, TC Drill down, XBRML Export (Dutch Tax), Bank Import (Dutch).

Accounting Made Easy leads the non-accountant through the terminology and mythology that keep the layman out in the cold when it comes to producing a set of Books.

Accounting Made Easy is a step-by-step approach to some of the tricky questions that plague us. It covers the simple business processes such as accounts setup, invoicing, payments, receipts and journal entries and is the key to understanding the elusive difference between a debit and a credit.

All transactions are explained and illustrated using TurboCASH Accounting.

Check out the Table of Contents.


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