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TurboCASH Accounting Software Manage Sets of Books and Data
Part II. New to Accounting and Computerised Systems
Set Windows Currency Symbol
The currency symbol as set in your WindowsTM operating system wil be displayed on specific reports and
documents and some screens in TurboCASH. If the incorrect currency format (R for Rands, for Pounds, $ for
Dol ar, etc.) is being displayed on some screens and reports in TurboCASH, you need to set the regional settings
of your System.
Procedure 11.3. To Change the Currency Symbol:


1. Click on the Regional and Language Options icon in the Control Panel of your WindowsTM operating
system. The Regional Settings Properties screen is displayed:
2. Check that the correct region or country is displayed, and select the correct region or country (e.g.
(English (South Africa), (English (Australia), etc.), if necessary. You may also click on the Currency tab to
format the currency, decimal symbol, digit grouping, etc., if necessary.
3. Click on the Apply button. If you need to set the date style or format, click on the Date tab.
4. Click on the OK button to close or exit the Regional Settings Properties screen and restart your system.
When you launch TurboCASH after this, the correct currency symbol for your country should be displayed
on the screens, reports, etc.
The Regional Settings screen will automatically be displayed when you click on the Click here to set
Windows date format button of the Setup->System Parameters->Company Info - Options screen.
If it does not display automatically, you need to click on the Regional and Language Options icon in the
Control Panel of your WindowsTM operating system to change or set the date format and the currency
86 - The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide