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Let TurboCASH help you create a Set of Books - Retail Entity
Let TurboCASH help you create a Set of Books - Retail Entity
If you did not convert a Set of Books from a previous version of TurboCASH, or in Pastel Version 5.2, to this
version of TurboCASH, you need to create a new Set of Books. TurboCASH wil guide you through the steps to
create a new Set of Books with the Creation Wizard in a matter of minutes. It is a good idea to check that you
have all the necessary information regarding your business at hand before starting to create your Set of Books.
The Startup Reference for a Retail Entity wil assist you to col ect al the necessary basic information regarding
your business or organisation.


Once you have the necessary information available, you may proceed to create your Set of Books. Should you not
have all the information available at this stage, you may go back and enter some of the information at a later
Procedure 13.2. To Create a Set of Books for a Retail Entity:
1. Click on the File->Create Set of Books menu option -
OR press the F10 key on your keyboard. The Creation Wizard screen wil display the five options to
create a Set of Books:
2. TurboCASH automatical y defaults to the Option "Let TurboCASH help you to create a Set of Books?", as
this is the recommended option for most users. You only need to check that it is selected.
3. Click on the Next button. The fol owing screen of the Creation Wizard is displayed:
The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide - 95