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Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data
Procedure 16.2. To Re-index / Rebuild the Database:
1. Click on the File->Data Re-Index menu option, or press the Alt-F-T keys on your keyboard. If a Set of
Books is open on your system, TurboCASH will automatical y close the Set of Books and the Database
Rebuild screen will be displayed:
2. If necessary, select the Set of Books.
3. If necessary, select the Compress Message File to compress the messages in the Message.DB file.
4. If necessary, select the Known Bug Fix option to fix or repair the database with any known bug fixes.


5. Click on the Rebuild button. The rebuild process wil start and a progress indicator will indicate the status
of this process. When the process is finished, it wil display the total number of files checked, shown as
"OK" and the number of files that are corrupted. If there are any corrupted files, try to fix the errors and /
or restore the Set of Books from the Backup disks or files.
6. Click on the Close button to exit or close this screen.
130 - The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide