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TurboCASH Accounting Software Create Sets of Books
Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data
Chapter 13. Create Sets of Books
Create Set of Books Options
TurboCASH allows you five basic options to create a Set of Books. Each of these Sets of Books can be created in
a few minutes. A Set of Books is the entire set of computerised files on which you may enter al the data and
transaction data to manage a business entity's financial activities and performance. You may create up to 999
Sets of Books, but you may be restricted to the capacity of your computer system. i.e. the size of your computers


hard disk drive.
Procedure 13.1. To Create a Set of Books:
1. Click on the File->Create Set of Books menu option -
OR press the F10 key on your keyboard. The Creation Wizard screen wil display the five options to
create a Set of Books:
2. Select one of the options to create the Set of Books.
3. Click on the Next button. The Creation Wizard screen, which will guide you through the process for your
selected option, wil be displayed.
If you are trading as a retail entity (trading in Stock Items), you need to Create a Set of Books for a
Retail Entity - (see Procedure 13.2).
If you are trading as a service entity (do not trade in Stock Items), you need to Create a Set of Books
for a Service Entity - (see Procedure 13.3).
94 - The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide