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TurboCASH Accounting Software Create Set of Books Advanced
Create Set of Books - Advanced
a. Company Information - Enter all your business' details such as the address, e-mail address,
contact numbers and Company and Tax Registration numbers, which you need to display on all
documents, reports, and lists.
You may also select the Tax method applicable to your VAT/GST/Sales Tax registration, whether
your default output option for documents, reports and lists are on: screen, printer, file, e-mail or
fax. You may also load a logo picture to be displayed on your reports or documents, and set your


Windows operating system's default date and currency formats.
b. Reporting Dates - This option allows you to set up the number of reporting dates required, and
the start date of your financial year period. The periods or dates wil be displayed in the format in
which you have set your Windows Operating System's default date on the previous screen.
c. Batch Types - This option allows you to create, delete an existing batch type, or change the
name of an existing batch type in which you wish to enter and update or post your transactions to
the ledger.
d. Groups - This option allows you to set two Reporting Groups for your general ledger accounts,
debtors, creditors, stock and document groups.
e. Salesperson - This option allows you to enter the salespersons names who wil be sel ing your
stock items, or sel ing services.
Documents - This option allows you to set up your documents Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes,
Orders, Purchases and Goods Returned documents, you wish to hand to customers (debtors) or
suppliers (creditors) when you sel , or quote, or order and purchase, physical stock items and
services set up in your stock item code file.
g. Stock Information - The option allows you to define the units of stock you sel and the sel ing
price descriptions and to set the Cost of Sales parameters.
This option should only be used if you use stock and / or wish to generate documents (Invoices,
Credit Notes, Quotes, Orders, Purchases and Stock Returns). If you do not intend to generate
documents from the stock item code file, or if you are not control ing trading stock, do not set up
your stock information.
8. The Set of Books wil be opened automatical y and now ready to work in.
Before you can commence any processing, you need to create your general ledger accounts, bank
account, tax accounts, debtor accounts, creditor accounts, etc. and check or change your settings
and parameters.
It is recommended that you follow the applicable or recommended options as listed in the Start up
Reference for a Retail Entity if you are trading in Stock Items.
If you are trading as a service entity (i.e. Not trading in Stock Items), you may follow the applicable or
recommended options as listed in the Start up Reference for a Service Entity.
This should not take much time, but could save you lots of extra work and frustration, since the key to
the success in your processing and reports, is in the setting up of the TurboCASH program.
The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide - 105