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Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data
8. Select all of the options for the Service Entity, except the "Do you sel Stock ?" option, since your
selection wil determine which screens TurboCASH wil launch when you click on the Finish button.
TurboCASH will now ask you to confirm that you wish to create this Set of Books.
9. Click on the Yes button. The screens from the fol owing Setup->System Parameters menu options wil
automatically be displayed as selected on the last screen of the Creation Wizard.
10. Enter and select the necessary information and settings for the fol owing screens:
a. Company Information - Enter all your business' details such as the address, e-mail address,


contact numbers and Company and Tax Registration numbers, which you need to display on all
reports and lists.
You may also select the Tax method applicable to your VAT/GST/Sales Tax registration, whether
your default output option for documents, reports and lists are on: screen, printer, file, e-mail or
fax. You may also set your Windows operating system's default date and currency formats.
b. Reporting Dates - This option allows you to set up the number of reporting dates required, and
the start date of your financial year period. The periods or dates wil be displayed in the format in
which you have set your Windows Operating System's default date on the previous screen.
c. Batch Types - This option allows you to create, delete an existing batch type, or change the
name of an existing batch type in which you wish to enter and update or post your transactions to
the ledger.
d. Groups - This option allows you to set up to two Reporting Groups for your general ledger
accounts, debtors, creditors, stock and document groups.
Before you commence any processing, it is recommended that you follow the applicable or
recommended options as listed in the Start up Reference for a Service Entity. This should not take too
much time, and could save you lots of extra work and frustration, since the key to the success in your
processing and reports, is in the setting up of the TurboCASH program.

Copy an existing Set of Books

TurboCASH can create an exact copy of an existing Set of Books and al the data contained in that Set of Books.
The system wil automatically copy al the data files of the selected Set of Books into a new Set of Books specified
in any directory on your computer.
This new Set of Books can be accessed within the TurboCASH program, even if it is not created in the
TurboCASH directory. TurboCASH al ows you to keep your Set of Books in any mapped directory, i.e. on a local
or network drive.
100 - The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide