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TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Pastel 5.2 Data
TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Pastel 5.2 Data
TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Pastel 5.2 Data
Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data

Convert Pastel 5.2 Data

Before you can convert a Set of Books in Pastel Version 5.2, you need to install the Plug-ins on the
TurboCASH Plug-ins CD.


TurboCASH will read the data on the Pastel Partner Version 5.2 data. The system will automatical y convert the
data files of Pastel Partner Version 5.2 to this TurboCASH program.
While we have made every effort to ensure a smooth conversion, there are many combinations of
data. Only a careful look at the converted data can ensure that it is correct. Please inform Pink
Software (Pty) Ltd of all errors that you may find.
User or custom reports, repeating batches and repeating invoices will be lost and need to be set up
Backup all the information that you possibly can in Pastel Partner Version 5.2.
Please turn your screen saver off. Pressing a key during the process of conversion, may cause the
data to become corrupted.
Procedure 13.8. To Convert Pastel 5.2 Data to TurboCASH:
1. Click on the File->Create Set of Books menu option -
OR press the F10 key on your keyboard. The Creation Wizard screen wil display the five options to
create a Set of Books:
2. TurboCASH automatical y defaults to the Option "Let TurboCASH help you to create a Set of Books?", as
this is the recommended option for most users. Select the option to "Convert from Pastel Partner?" option.
110 - The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide