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TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Data from TurboCASH 3.04 3.05 and 3.6i
TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Data from TurboCASH 3.04 3.05 and 3.6i
Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data
Convert Data from TurboCASH 3.04, 3.05 and 3.6i
Should you have a Set of Books in any of the TurboCASH versions 3.04 to 3.6i, the Set of Books wil
automatically be converted when you open the Set of Books on this version for the first time.
Procedure 13.6. To Convert a Set of Books:
1. Click on the File->Open Set of Books menu option, or click on the Open icon. You may also press the


Alt-O keys on your keyboard. A screen, similar to the fol owing is displayed:
If a Set of Books is not located in the TCASH3 or other directory where TurboCASH is installed,
(elsewhere on your system) the name of the Sets of Books is displayed in a blue colour.
2. Select the Set of Books, which you would like to open.
3. Click on the Open button. If the selected Set of Books was created and / or maintained in a previous
version of TurboCASH (versions 3.04, 3.05 or 3.6i), TurboCASH 3.7 wil display the following Processing
4. Once the process is completed, the fol owing information message is displayed:
5. Click on the OK button. You are now ready to work in the Set of Books.
If you wish to create a Set of Books using a Set of Books (template) which was created or used in
version 3.04 to 3.6i, you need to open the Set of Books before you can use it as a template to create
the new Set of Books. The reason is that the Set of Books, or template, needs the data to be
converted to version 3.7, if they have never been opened in TurboCASH 3.7.
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