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TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Data from TurboCASH 2.01 2.02 203 and 2000
Convert Data from TurboCASH 2.01, 2.02, 203 and 2000
The conversion process may take some time. A progress indicator will show how far the
conversion process has run. It is not uncommon for the conversion process to take as much as
half an hour. It is not advisable to use the computer for other tasks while the conversion process
is running.
When the process is finished, the fol owing screen is displayed:


7. Click on the OK button.
8. Open the converted Set of Books. It is recommended that you take some time to check al of your settings
and compare some reports, before starting to enter your transactions into your converted Set of Books.
Note the fol owing guidelines:
1. Open Set of Books - Select the name of the Set of Books you have converted.
2. Tools - Data Integrity Check - Running this will uncover any errors in the conversion process and any
un-noticed errors which may have occurred in earlier versions of TurboCASH. The sooner the errors are
dealt with, the better.
3. Setup - System Parameters

Access Control - Al users and security options.

Batch Type - All Batch Types are present.

Company Information - Information and Tax Method and other settings

Documents - Document numbers, Batches and Paper Type. Quotes and Orders are new in
TurboCASH T3. If you wish to implement these facilities you need to set the last document
numbers and messages.

Groups - Accounts, Debtors, Creditors, Stock and Documents

Financial Categories - Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income and Liabilities

Reporting Dates - Number of Periods and start of Financial Year

Salesperson - Names of Salespersons

Statements - Paper Type and Statement Message

Stock Information - Units, Sel ing Prices, Average Cost or Latest Cost, Cost of Sales Account,
4. Reports - Check al reports and match them with your reports obtained from your old system, prior to
conversion. Check Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Code Files, Creditors, Debtors,
Stock, Detailed Transactions, Sales Analysis, etc.
5. Input - Batch Entry - Check all settings. Contra Account / Contra Account per Line / Increment
Reference Number / Inclusive mode / Consolidate Balancing / Repeat Details / Al ow only Debit or Credit
or both amounts entry.
6. Setup - Internet - A number of Internet features have been introduced. More are planned for the future.
Available in this release is the ability to e-mail reports and documents directly from TurboCASH.
If your computer is already configured to use the Internet, and you are going to use e-mail in
TurboCASH, then you need to set up the e-mail part in the Setup->System Parameters->
Internet menu option. Web Servers can be ignored for now, but will be made available in
later releases. Please watch our web site http://www.turbocash.co.za for further notice of e-
commerce facilities with TurboCASH.
The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide - 109