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TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Data from TurboCASH 2.01 2.02 203 and 2000
TurboCASH Accounting Software Convert Data from TurboCASH 2.01 2.02 203 and 2000
Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data
2. TurboCASH automatical y defaults to the Option "Let TurboCASH help you to create a Set of Books?", as
this is the recommended option for most users. Select the "Convert from an older TurboCASH (v2.01,
2.02, 2.03)?" option.
If this option is not activated, you need to install an earlier version of TurboCASH 3.7 and re-


install this version of TurboCASH once your Set of Books has been converted successfully.
3. Click on the Next button. The fol owing screen of the Creation Wizard is displayed:
4. Select the old Set of Books from the list you wish to convert. Click on the Next button. The fol owing
Creation Wizard screen is displayed:
5. Enter the name for the new Set of Books you wish to convert your old data to. This may be the same
name as used in your previous version of TurboCASH.
The name must not already exist and may not be longer than 15 characters. This name will help
you to identify the Set of Books on your system and you will need to select this name whenever
you need to open the Set of Books or perform some other functions on the Set of Books.
The Directory in which you create the Set of Books is displayed underneath the Location
Browse button. It will usually be the default directory in which TurboCASH is installed (TCASH3)
or directory other than TCASH3, which you have specified when you installed TurboCASH. If
you wish to create your Set of Books in any other directory or location on your system, you may
click on the Browse button to select any Folder or Drive on the Pick a Directory screen.
6. Click on the Finish button and the data wil be converted into the new TurboCASH format. This process
wil not change your original data, it merely creates a copy in the new directory, which you have specified.
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