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TurboCASH Accounting Software Close Set of Books
Part III. Manage Sets of Books and Data
If you need to change any of the properties for the Set of Books, you may enter or change the name
for the Set of Books and/or its path (i.e. directory (folder) and name of the Set of Books) as required.
Once done, click on the Change button to save the changes and to exit or close this screen.

Close Set of Books

This option al ows you to close a Set of Books in which you are working. The fol owing menu wil be accessible
from the TurboCASH program if a Set of Books is closed:


File menu - Al options
Tools menu - The Calculator, Data Integrity Check, Script Engine, Customise Language as wel as the
Plug-ins menu - (Online Banking and Pastel Converter) if installed on your system.
Help menu - All options
Procedure 14.2. To Close a Set of Books:
Click on File->Close Set of Books menu option, or press the F11 function key on your keyboard.
Please make regular backups of the Data in your Set of Books.
Exit TurboCASH
This option wil exit the program.
Before you exit the program, it is good practice to make backups of your data on a regular basis.
Depending on the amount of data you have entered, only you can decide whether to make a backup,
or not. You should decide how much data you are prepared to re-enter in case of a virus destroying
your data, or in the case of a hard drive crash, or even if your computer is stolen or destroyed by fire,
or other disastrous circumstances. It is important to retain your backup disks in a safe place, preferably
at a different location. (Take them home with you).
Procedure 14.3. To Exit the TurboCASH Program:
1. Click on File->Exit TurboCASH menu option, or click on the Close button on the top right-hand corner of
the title bar. Alternatively you can press Alt-X keys on your keyboard. TurboCASH will automatical y close
any Set of Books that is open on your system and a screen similar to the fol owing information screen is
2. Take note of this information, and click on the Yes button only if you are absolutely sure that you wish to
Exit the program.
If you click on the No button, the TurboCASH program will not terminate. You may then perform the
necessary backups before exiting the program.
114 - The Complete TurboCASH Reference Guide