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Using TurboCASH
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TurboCASH Accounting Software Backup & Restore Sets of Books
Backup Set of Books
2. Click on the Backup icon, if not already displayed.
3. Select the Name of the Set of Books you wish to Backup.
4. The name for the Backup file will be displayed by default as tcBackup. Overtype this filename with any
other file name.
The date and time of your operating system is automatically inserted into the filename (e.g.


tcBackup200503011544) after the default tcBackup file name. (In this example, the date and
time format is YYYYMMDD followed by the Hour and Minutes. The format may differ if
your operating system's short date style or format is set differently). It is recommended that
this date and time not be overtyped if you choose to change the name for your backup file.
5. If you need to create a backup file onto your system, make sure that the Backup to E-mail option is not
selected. If you need to send the backup file via e-mail, select the Backup to E-mail field. For Internet, E-
mail security purposes and possible firewal settings, you need to remove the tick in the Self-
extracting.exe field. TurboCASH will then create the backup file in the .zip file format. These Zip files are
an acceptable file format for transfer across the Internet.
6. Select the Drive to Backup to. The default backup path (drive or folder) for a Set of Books as set in the
Setup->Preferences->Backup Path menu option wil be displayed. If you have not set the default
backup path, the default system drive (normal y this would be the A: Drive) wil be displayed. If you wish to
select any other available drive or folder on your system, you may click on the Folder icon on the right-
hand side of the Backup To field. The Browse for Folder screen wil be displayed on which you may select
any other backup target folder on your hard drive.
Remember to insert a formatted, removable Disk if you have selected a removable device
as the Backup target. Click on the Backup button and the process will start. If the Drive is
full, TurboCASH will prompt you to insert the next disk until the backup process is
completed. TurboCASH also allows you to backup to a Re-Writable CD, provided that you
have a CD writer installed and formatted disks on your system. Plugin USB storage devices
may also be used for backups.
7. Click on the Backup button to start the backup process.
While the Backup process is running, the files that are being backed up and added to your backup disk (or
location on your hard drive or network drive), wil be displayed. When the backup process is completed,
the following information screen is displayed:
8. Click on the OK button
9. Click on the Cancel button on the Backup Set of Books screen. You may also press the Esc key on your
keyboard to close or exit the Backup Set of Books screen.
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