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This option allows you to export transactions in a batch to a file in a comma separated value file format. To use this feature, you need to have entered transactions in a batch. The batch must not yet been posted to the ledger. You will be able to select the file from the location saved on your system and import the transactions into a new batch with the delimited file import batch processing option.

To Write a Delimited File:
Right-click on the selected batch (journal) on the Batch Type Selection screen and select the Write Delimited File option on the Context menu; or -
Click on the speed button or icon. You may also press the key on your keyboard. Alternatively you may press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Batch Type screen will be displayed.
Select the Batch Type and click on the button. The batch entry screen for the selected Batch Type will be displayed .

Minimise button - inactive. Restore button - click to display this screen to full size and click again to restore it to its original size. Title bar - double-click to display the screen in full size or to return to the normal size. Title bar. The name of the selected batch. Title bar. The Alias for the selected batch. Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Click to delete a selected transaction. Click to insert a row or line above a selected transaction. Click to balance the batch, if the batch is not already in balance. Click to post or update the transactions to the ledger, if the batch is in balance. Click to enter transactions Inclusive or Exclusive of VAT. Click to list the entries or transactions entered into the batch. Click to access more processing options for the batch. Click to set the Options for this batch.
Click on the speed button or icon or press the key on your keyboard. The Process the batch options screen will be displayed.
Select the Write Delimited File option and click on the button. The Save As screen will be displayed.


Title bar. Click to display Windows help on this screen. Close button - click to exit this screen. The name of the selected folder. Click on the down arrow to select another folder on your system. One level up - click to select another file in a folder. Create new folder. View menu - click to select the options in which the folders and files in the selected directory should be displayed. Back - click to go to the previous folder. All the folders and/or files on your system or selected directory will be displayed in this area. Enter a file name for the report you wish to save. Click to Save the file in the selected File format. Click to exit this screen. Select a valid file type from the list. Click to go directly to the location on your system.
Enter a File name for the Comma Delimited Batch and select a folder from the folders on your system, in which you wish to save the file.
Click on the button. All the transactions in the selected, batch will be saved (exported) into the selected folder.