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The important Web Sites and E-mail addresses, which will give you quick access to any of the Web Sites, are listed on this page. You may click on any if these Web Site address links within this Page of the Help File or any other Topic, where such a link is displayed, provided that your Internet Connection is activated. If your Internet is off-line you will get a Page Cannot be Displayed message. The Web Site will download and be displayed in the Topic Pane of the Help File. You may click on any button or link of a displayed Web Site.

Pink Software (Pty) Ltd:
  • Registration -
    http://www.turbocash.nl/register/registerdll.dll You may also click on the Get it Online button on the Register your TurboCASH program, when you start an unregistered version of TurboCASH. The Registration form on Pink Software's Web Site will be displayed on which you may enter your details and click on the Submit button. This Registration Web page can also be accessed from the Help - Online Registration menu option.

Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT):


For South African based users:
  • http://www.sars.gov.za - South African Revenue Services (SARS) - Home Page - To browse the Web Site for Tax (Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) issues)

For United Kingdom (UK) based users:
  • http://www.hmce.gov.uk - Her Majesty Customs and Excise - To browse the Web Site for Value Added Tax (VAT) issues for UK based Users.
Other Statutory Bodies for South African based Users if you pay Salaries and Wages :
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) -
    http://www.labour.gov.za - ("Unemployment Insurance Fund") to read more.

  • Compensation Commissioner (CC) -
    http://www.labour.gov.za - ("Workmen's Compensation Commissioner") for injury-on-duty (IOD) and related matters to read more.

    Important E-mail Addresses:

    You may click on any of the following E-mail Addresses (also on the Help - Support menu option) to launch your E-mail program from within this Help Topic or in any topic where an e-mail address is displayed. The E-mail address for the selected link, will already be displayed in your E-mail program. You may send a message via E-mail or you may create a Backup File to send via E-mail message. All you need to do is to enter the Subject (Topic) and enter your message Once your Internet connection is active you may send the Message.

    You may also access E-mail addresses and Web Sites from the Welcome to TurboCASH screen, which may be launched from the Help - Show Welcome menu option.