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The Stock Back-Order report will only include the sales Invoices entered in the Input - Documents menu option and which posted or updated to the ledger for which no quantity is entered in the Ship field of the Document Entry Details screen.

This report is generated on the Stock Back-Order Options screen on which the following options criteria for the details to be included in this report is selected:
  1. Sequence - To list the details for the selected stock items included in this report according to the Stock Item Code, Description or Stock Groups 1 or 2 if you have created Stock Groups.


  2. Stock Code - select a specific stock item code or a range of codes on the Stock Item search or lookup facility.

  3. Select whether to print each stock item on a new page.
This report summarises or lists quantities ordered by a Debtor (Customer, which are not yet shipped. This report allows you to keep track of the stock items ordered by debtors, which could not be shipped or delivered. You may use this report to see to it that the necessary quantities are available. An example of the Stock Back-Order report reflecting the details, is as follows:

Name of the business. System date and time. Name of the report. Stock Item code. The Debtor Account number and name for the Debtor / Customer for which the quantity is not shipped. The Quantity entered on the Order field if the Ship field is blank or less than the Order quantity. Total quantity of the Sock item on Back Order.

The Back-Order Report displays the information in the following 4 columns:
  1. Stock Code - The stock code for which no quantity in the Ship field of the Invoice (Document Entry Details screen) was entered.

  2. Account - The Debtor (Customer) Account for which no quantity in the Ship field of the Invoice (Document Entry Details screen) was entered.

  3. Quantity - The quantity specified in the Order field for which no quantity in the Ship field of the Invoice (Document Entry Details screen) was entered.

  4. Selling Price - This field is currently blank.

When you have received the stock items, and you process the next new invoice for the selected Debtor (Customer) account, the Back-Orders Outstanding screen will be displayed listing the Stock Code, Description and Quantities of the items on Back-Order.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Select the Stock Item to transfer the Stock Item to the Invoice. This will remove the transaction from the Back-order report. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more entries, if necessary. Click to cancel and close or exit this screen. Click to confirm the selected Stock Item and to process this Item on the Invoice.

You need to select the Include field for the Stock item and click on the OK button. The transaction will be included on the Invoice (Document Entry - Details screen) and you need to specify the quantity in the Ship field. If the Invoice is updated to the ledger, it will clear the entry on the Stock Back-Order report.