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The Sales by Group report will only include the sales documents (Invoices and Credit Notes) entered in the Input - Documents menu option and which posted or updated to the ledger.

This report will reflect the sales for each document group as selected on the document header screens when documents were created.

This report is generated on the Sales by Group Options screen on which the following options criteria for the details to be included in this report is selected:
  1. Use Document Group1 - if selected document group 1 as created on the Setup - System Parameters - Groups - Documents menu option. If left blank, Reporting Group 2 for Documents will be included if created and selected.


  2. Dates - enter or select the date or dates (using the Date picker) for the detail you wish to include in this report.

This report lists all the Invoices and Credit Notes issued to each document within a selected period or range of dates. You will be able to analyse the total sales, cost and gross profit amount and gross profit percentages for documents generated when stock items were sold and returned on sales invoices and credit notes. An example of the Sales by Group report is as follows:

Name of the business. Selected date or dates for which transactions are included in this report. System date and time. Page number. Document Group selected for Invoices and Credit Notes. Invoice or Credit Note Number. Invoice or Credit Note Date. Selling Price (Exclusive of VAT). SCost Price (Exclusive of VAT). Gross Profit (Selling Price less the Cost Price). Gross Profit percentage (Selling Price less the Cost Price). Grand Total for all the Document Groups included in this report. Total for the Document Group.

This report consists of 7 columns reflecting the following information for each selected Stock Items:
  1. Document Groups - The description for the selected Document Groups (Document Group1 or Document Group 2) will be displayed as headings.

  2. Invoice Number - The Invoice or Credit Note number as generated by TurboCASH.

  3. Invoice Date - The date when the Invoice or Credit Note was generated.

  4. Net Sales Amount - This is the total amount of the selected selling prices (selling price 1 /2 / 3) for all the selected stock items on the Invoice or Credit Note.

  5. Net Cost Amount - The total cost price (average or latest cost) for all the selected stock items on the Invoice or Credit Note.

  6. Gross Profit - This is the difference between the Net Sales Amount and the Net Cost Amount.

  7. Gross Profit % - The percentage of the Gross Profit for the Invoice, Point-of-Sale Invoice or Credit Note.
These amounts or totals are exclusive of VAT. Totals will be displayed for each of the selected stock items and a grand total for all the stock items included in this report.

The Quantities, Net Sales Amount, Net Cost Amount and Gross Profit Amount for Credit Notes are displayed in <> indicating a credit or negative figure. You may change this negative amount indicator to a minus sign (-) to prefix your amounts or set it to display a D (for Debit) or a C (for Credit) in the Setup - Preferences - Data Parameters menu option.