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The Point-of-Sale invoice will automatically be printed to the printers selected and set in the Setup- System Parameters - Point-of-Sale (Printers tab) menu option when the payment for each customer is processed. You may at any time re-print the POS Invoice in the Input - Documents - Print menu option. The printed Point-of-Sales Invoice will display as follows:

Name and Address, Telephone, Fax number and VAT Registration number as entered on the Setup Company Info (Address tab) TurboCASH generates the Invoice numbers as from the first number specified on the POS Settings screen. System Date and Time. The quantity, stock description and price. If more items were invoiced it will appear on the next rows. The total number of Items and the total amount due. The payment method and the amount tendered or charged to a Debtor account. Change - will display the difference between the Due amount and the amount tendered. VAT percentage and amount. Cashier's name - the name of the Salesperson, who processed this Invoice. The account number and name of the default Cash Customer account or any other selected Debtor Account. Delivery address as entered on the Select Customer screen. An asterisk (*) next to a stock item, indicates that No Tax or No VAT is applicable to the stock item.

The invoice consists of the following sections:


Header Section -
  1. This contains the information of the business (name, address, telephone and fax numbers) as entered in the Setup - System Parameters - Company Info menu option.

  2. It also displays the Invoice heading as set in the Setup - System Parameters - Documents - (Invoices tab) and the Tax Registration Number if you are registered for VAT.
Point-of-Sale Invoice Number, Date and Time -
  1. The Invoice number is automatically generated by TurboCASH and the start number is set in the Setup - System Parameters - Point-of-Sales (Settings tab) menu option.

  2. The date is the system date or the date, which was selected, when the Point-of-Sales Invoicing session was accessed. The time of the system when the Point-of-Sales Invoice was generated is displayed.
Transaction Section -
  1. The quantities and the description of the selected stock items and the amount (inclusive of VAT) is displayed. The amount displayed is automatically calculated as the Quantities specified x Cost Price of the Stock Item (Inclusive of VAT).

  2. Each selected stock item in the POS Invoicing screen is displayed in one line or row.

  3. The total of the Invoice is displayed as the due amount. It also specify the total number (quantities) of all items on the POS Invoice. The due amount is the amount of all the items line of the POS.

  4. Cash - This will reflect Cheque, Credit Card or Voucher if any other Payment have been processed. The amount is the amount tendered or accepted by the cashier or salesperson.

  5. Change - If the amount tendered or received by the cashier or salesperson is the same as the invoice amount (Due), a nil amount (0.00) will be displayed.

  6. VAT-AMT - VAT percentage and VAT amount.

  7. Cashier Name - The name of the cashier or salesperson who have generated the Point-of-Sale Invoice.
Footer Section -
  1. Number and Name - The Account Number or Code of the Cash Customer / Sales Account as set in the Setup - System Parameters - Point-of-Sales (Settings tab) as the Cash Sales Account. If you have charged the invoice to a Debtor Account when the payment was processed, the selected Debtor Account will be displayed.

  2. Tel., Cell. and Contact - The telephone and Cellular phone numbers and name of the Contact person, if entered on the Edit - Accounts - Debtor (General Information tab) menu option.

  3. Delivery Address - The address as entered on the Select Customer screen.

Should you need to deliver the goods to the customers, at a later stage, you should enter the delivery address in the Select Customer screen, before the payment for the Point-of-Sale Invoice is processed. You may then also print delivery notes in the Input - Documents - Invoices - Delivery Notes menu option.

Once Payment have been processed, you can not edit a Point-of-Sale Invoice, but need to process a Credit Note in the Input - Documents - Credit Note menu option if any stock items were incorrectly invoiced or if any stock items were returned.