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The bank reconciliation report is often referred to as the bank reconciliation statement. This report will display the closing balance as per bank statement and date which is entered on the Reconcile Bank Account screen initiated from the Reports - Reconciliation menu option. It should be generated once the Bank Reconciliation is finalised in the Input - Reconcile Bank menu option.

It will list the Outstanding transactions in the Payments Journal (Cheques) and the Outstanding transactions in the Receipts Journal (Deposits) which is not marked as reconciled items and which does not appear on your bank statement. This report should at all times reflect a 0.00 difference. An example of a Cashbook Reconciliation Report will display as follows:

System date and time. Page number. Name of the business. Name of the report. Name or Description of the Current Bank Account. Closing balance as entered on the Reconcile Bank Account screen Outstanding Payments. If any Deposits in the Receipts Journal does not appear on the Bank Statement, the Outstanding Deposits will also be listed. The bank balance as is reconciled. The closing bank balance according to TurboCASH. If all the items are reconciled, this must reflect a nil balance. If there is still a difference, you need to find and fix the errors.


TurboCASH will subtract any unreconciled payments and add any unreconciled receipts from the bank balance according to the bank statement, thus giving you a reconciled balance.

If there is a difference between the reconciled balance and the balance according to TurboCASH, you have an error in either the Payments or Receipts journals. You would have to search for the error and correct it. You may need to find these errors or differences.