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The report writer makes TurboCASH an exceptionally powerful tool. User Reports can be written by you, as they will need to be customised to suite your particular requirements. In addition to the standard reports, which TurboCASH provides for on the Reports menu option, the program provides you with the powerful facility to create and customise your own reports to meet your requirements. A few examples of User reports that you may write with the report writer, is as follows:
  • Profit and Loss reports tailored to meet your requirements

  • Quarterly reports

  • Half yearly reports


  • Monthly income statements

  • This year versus last year comparisons

  • Budget versus actual comparisons

  • And a host of others.
To generate a User or Custom Report:
Select the Reports - User Reports menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Select Report screen will be displayed listing all the available user reports you have created or edited in the Edit - User Reports menu option.

Title bar - double-click to display the screen in full size or to return to the normal size. Close button - will exit or close this screen. Select, Screen, Printer, File, E-Mail or Fax. Copies - the number can only be selected if the Printer option is selected. Click to change the Printer and the Page Setup for Dot Matrix Printers. Click to generate the report. Click to close or exit this screen. Minimise button - click to minimise this screen. Restore button - not active. Select a valid date. Select any available User or Custom report from the list.
Select the following options:

Option Description
Date of Report Select the date until which you wish to include the details or totals to be included.
Send Report To Select screen, printer, file, e-mail or fax .
Copies The number of copies may only be selected if the Send to printer option is selected.
Printer Setup You may select any available printer on your system to generate the report.

Click on the button. All the columns and rows automatically be calculated. The report will be sent to the medium, which you have selected in the Send Report To field.

When you click on the button for any report, which contains transactions, etc. TurboCASH will check for unposted items and display the number of unposted Batches and Documents. You may select to view the details of the unposted Batches and Documents. This is an important facility as these batches contain transactions, which will not be included in your reports.