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This option is used to update or post your documents created or generated on the Input - Documents menu option to the Ledger. The debtor (customer) documents, which can be updated or posted to the Ledger, are Invoices and Credit Notes. The creditor (supplier) documents are Purchase and Goods Returned Notes. Quotes for debtors and Orders for creditors can not be updated or posted to the Ledger.

Only once these Documents have been updated or posted to the Ledger, the transactions will be included in the Reports. When these documents are updated to the Ledger they will automatically write up your journals and post the transactions to the applicable accounts in the Ledger (the General Ledger as well as the Debtors Ledger, Creditors Ledger and Stock Ledger).

If you have purchased stock items from a creditor or supplier, you need to update the Purchase documents before you update or post your Invoices for sales of stock items to your debtors or customers. This will ensure that your Stock Item file will be updated with the purchases before you actually sell the stock items and that you will have sufficient stock items on hand when you update or post the Invoices.


You may set the auto-post documents on print option in the Setup - System Parameters - Documents menu option to update or post documents automatically once a document is generated and printed. If you use this feature and do not print a document once it is generated, you need to update or post the unprinted documents in this Input - Update ledger menu option.

To Update the Ledger:
Click on the Input - Update Ledger menu option or press the key on your keyboard. The Update Invoices screen will be displayed.

Title bar - It will change to reflect the name of the selected document type (Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase and Goods Returned documents). Close button - click to close or exit this screen. The document number for the selected document type. An arrow pointer will indicate the selected document, which is highlighted. Select a document type (Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase and Goods Returned documents). Select a range of document numbers or a specific document. Click to update or post a selected document or documents to the ledger. Click to close or exit this screen. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more entries on the list, if any. The date of the listed document type. Will reflect Debtor Account numbers and names for Invoices and Credit Notes. For Purchases and Goods Returned documents, Creditor Account numbers and names will be displayed. List of the available document types which is not yet updated to the ledger. Click to view and / or post batches to the ledger. It is recommended that batches be posted from the Batch Entry screens. Horizontal scroll bar - move to the right or to the left to view more information, if necessary.
Select the Document Type (Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchases and Goods Returned). The same screen will change to reflect the selected document descriptions. If you have any documents for the selected Document Type, they will be listed.
The first and the last document number will be displayed. Select the document number(s) if you do not wish to post all the documents for the selected document type. You may update or post a selected range of documents or a selected document type to the Ledger. If you wish to search for a specific document, you may type the document number and click on the Search button.
Click on the button. TurboCASH will automatically write up the following journals for you:

1. Invoice - Sales Journal

1.1. Selling Price - Transactions

1.2 Cost Price - Transactions

2. Credit Notes - Sales Journal

the journal or batch created for Debtor Returns (e.g. Debtors Allowances, Credit Note Journal)

2.1 Selling Prices - Transactions

2.2 Cost Prices - Transactions

3. Purchase or Goods Received Documents - Purchase Journal

4. Goods Returned - Purchase Journal

the journal or batch created for Creditor Returns (e.g. Creditors Allowances, etc.)

If you have any other batches, such as General Journal, Purchases and Receipts Journal, etc. which you have entered in the Input - Batch Entry - F2 menu option, you may also update and post them to the ledger if you click on the Batches tab. However, it is recommended that you rather post or update these Batch Types to the Ledger from within each Batch Type or Journal. The reason for this is that you may wish to set the aliases for each batch. To read more on updating or posting batches from the Batch tab on the Update Ledger menu option, click here.