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This option is used to update or post your batches to the Ledger, which you have entered in the Input - Batch Entry - <F2> menu option in the various batches. You may also post or update these batches to the ledger from the Batch Entry screens. Before you wish to update Batches, using this menu option, make sure that your batches are balanced and printed from the Batch Entry screens before posting the batches to the Ledger. Note that you first need to balance the batch, list the batch and change the alias, before posting it to the ledger. This will help you if you wish to identify a specific batch, if you wish to generate a batch type report or if you wish to export posted batches to a file.
When these batches are updated to the ledger they will automatically pass the journals and post the transactions to the applicable accounts in the Ledger.

To Update the Batches to the General Ledger:
>Click on the Input - Update Ledger menu option or press the key on your keyboard. You may also press the and and the key on your keyboard. The Update Invoices screen will be displayed.
Click on the Batches tab. The Update Batches screen will be displayed. Any of the available batches, for which you have entered transactions, will be listed. You may update or post a specific range of batches or a selected batch type from this screen to the Ledger.

Title bar - It will change to reflect the Update Batches option. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. The batch number as allocated by TurboCASH. An arrow pointer will indicate the selected batch or journal, which is highlighted. Inactive if the Batches option is selected. Select a range of batches or a specific batch or journal. Click to update or post a selected batch or batches to the ledger. Click to close or exit this screen. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more entries on the list, if any. The names of the unposted batch types or journals. The name of the User(s) if Users were created in the Access Control menu option. List of the avialable document types which is not yet updated to the ledger. Click to view and / or post batches to the ledger. It is recomended that batches be posted from the Batch Entry screens.


TurboCASH generates the batch numbers automatically. You may also search for a specific batch by batch number.
Click on the button.

TurboCASH will automatically pass the following journals for you:

Batch Type Journal Transactions passed
Sales Journal DR Debtor (total amount) CR Sales (net amount - selling price)

CR Output VAT (% of selling price)
Sales Journal for Credit Notes DR Sales (net amount - selling price)

DR Output VAT (% of selling price) CR Debtor (total amount)
Purchase Journal
DR Expense or purchase account (net amount)

DR Input VAT (% of purchase price) CR Creditor (total amount)
Purchase Journal for Returns DR Creditor (total amount) CR Expense or purchase account (net amount)

CR Input VAT (% of purchase price)
Payments Journal DR the applicable Account (net amount) DR the Input VAT account (% of payment amount) CR Bank Account (total amount)
Receipts Journal DR Bank Account (total amount) CR the applicable Account (net amount)

CR the Output VAT account (% of receipt amount)

You do not need to update or post your Payments and Receipts Journal to the Ledger before you do the Bank Reconciliation, unless the payments and receipt batches have been entered on a client machine on a network environment.