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This option allows you to choose between English, Afrikaans, Dutch or Netherlands, Espaol, French, German, Gibberish, Indonesian, Italian, Xhsa, etc. as the language you wish to work in a Set of Books.

To Choose a Language:
Click on the File - Switch Language menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Choose a Language screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Select any available language. You may also right-click to access the Tools - Customise Language menu option to customise your language. Click to change to the selected language. Click to close or exit this screen without switching to another language. Progess bar will be displayed when switching to another language. lick to customise or edit the labels for the selected language. Scroll bar - drag down or up to view more languages on the list.
Select the Language of your choice.
Click on the button. A progress indicator at the bottom of the screen will display the progress. When the process is completed, the menu options and the screens will be displayed in the selected language.

If you right-click in any area of the list of languages (on the Choose Language screen), a Customise context menu will be displayed from which you may directly access the Customise Languages facility on the Tools - Customise Languages menu option.