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The PINK SOFTWARE support lines are open to all registered users of Pink Software products on normal working days from 08.30 to 16.30. Pink Software offers telephonic and E-mail support only. You can purchase a support contract. The cost of the support contract may be obtained from Pink Software.

Users can get premium support from consultants in their area. There are a number of highly qualified support consultants endorsed by Pink Software. Please feel free to visit our support page on our website at http://www.turbocash.co.za/accounting-software-support.html to obtain more information on support. On our website, you may also find a list of consultants and their contact details. Please note that these consultants are independent third parties. They charge for their services.

To view the contact details for Support:
Click on Help - Support menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. The T3 Support screen will be displayed.

The postal address of Pink Software (Pty) Ltd. The telephone numbers and office hours for telephonic support. 4 E-mail addresses for support by e-mail. Click to close or exit this screen. Pink Software Support page web site link.
Click on the button or press the key on your keyboard If you do not wish to link to the support page.

You may from this screen connect to Pink Software's Support page via the Internet by clicking on their Internet Address (blue link) http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/turbocash/. Before you click on this link, you need to connect to the Internet. Your Internet Browser will access the Pink Software's Web Site. Click on the Contact Us button to see the list of available contact information and consultants.

Should you wish to send a message to the e-mail addresses displayed on this screen you may click on any of the following e-mail addresses:
  1. info@pinksoft.co.za


  2. faizel@pinksoft.co.za

  3. sylvain@pinksoft.co.za

  4. sabi@pinksoft.co.za
Your e-mail program will be initiated in which you may formulate or enter a brief description for the required support. If your system is connected to the Internet, you may send your massage via e-mail.