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This option allows you to change the selling prices of a selected or all of your stock items or service items by a specified percentage. To be able to adjust your selling prices, you should have entered them in the Edit - Stock Items menu option. If you have entered only one or two selling prices only those selling prices will be changed. If you choose not to adjust your selling prices by a percentage, you may overtype your selling prices for each stock item with your new price.

To Adjust your Selling Prices:
Click on the Input - Adjust Stock menu option or press the and keys on your keyboard. Alternatively you may press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Stock Item screen on the Adjustments tab will be displayed, listing all the Adjustment options.
Select Selling Prices and the Selling Prices you have entered for each Stock Item listed will be displayed.

Title bar - double-click to display this screen in full size. double-click again to return to the original size. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Select to create, edit or delete a Stock Item. If selected, you may edit the data in the columns for each Stock Items. If selected, all the adjustments options are listed. Select to adjust Average and Latest Cost. Select to adjust Stock Quantities and Average Cost. Select to adjust Stock Quantity and Latest Cost. Select to adjust Selling Prices of Stock Items. Scroll bar - scroll to view more columns for the Stock Items. Scroll bar - scroll to view more Stock Items. Select this Option and click on the folder icon to select a valid Lotus Spreadsheet File. Enter or select a valid date using the Date Picker. Select to adjust Selling Prices by a specified percentage. Click OK to save your changes and to process this screen. Click to close or exit this screen. Select to apply the Selling Price Adjustment to all Stock Items. Arrow - indicates the selected Stock Item. The Codes for all the available Stock Items. The Descriptions for all the available Stock Items. TurboCASH allows you to set 3 different Selling Prices for each Stock Item. The minimum level for Stock Items before you need to re-order. Quantity of Stock Items on hand. Click on the down arrow to select to take-on Opening Stock Quantities and Cost or to select a Stock Item on the Stock Item search facility. Minimise button - click to minimise this screen. Restore button - click to restore this screen to its original size.
Select the date on which you wish to adjust the Selling Prices of Stock Items.
Select and enter the following options:


Option Description
Stock Code and Stock Description The Stock Code and Stock Description will be displayed to select from, if you wish to select a specific Stock Code or Stock Description to adjust prices by either entering the amount or to adjust by a percentage.
Selling Price 1 / 2 / 3 All your current selling prices will be displayed. You may overtype them individually with your new selling prices, if you wish to do so. If you select to use a percentage, TurboCASH will adjust them for you automatically.
Use Percentage You may specify the percentage with which you would like to adjust your selling prices. TurboCASH also allows you to enter a negative percentage (e.g. -10) in cases where you wish to reduce your selling prices.
To all items If this field is selected, all your selling prices will be adjusted for all your stock items. If you wish to adjust different percentages for different stock items, you must leave this field blank and select the applicable stock item for which you wish to adjust the selling prices.

Once you are finished , click on the button to save the changes.
Click on the button or the Close button to exit or close this screen. You may also press key on your keyboard.

It is good practice to retrieve a Stock Item Listing report reflecting your selling prices after finishing the selling price adjustments. To generate a Stock Item Listing report, click here.