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This tab allows you to adjust or edit the values of a selected Stock Item manually in the selected columns. Working in this option is very similar than to edit data in a spreadsheet, e.g. Lotus 123 or Excel. This option should be used with caution. It is recommended that where you need to adjust Stock Items, you rather select the adjustment option for which you wish to adjust your Stock Items.

To Adjust Stock using the Advanced tab:
Click on the Input Adjust Stock menu option or press the and keys on your keyboard. Alternatively you may press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Stock Item screen will be displaying the Adjustment Options will be displayed.
Select the Advanced Option. The Stock Item screen will change to reflect the rows and columns listing your Stock Item data.

Title bar - double-click to display this screen in full size. double-click again to return to the original size. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Select to create, edit or delete a Stock Item. If selected, you may edit the data in the columns for each Stock Items. Select to adjust stock items on one of the standard adjustment options. Select to search for an available Stock Item. Scroll bar - scroll to view more columns for the Stock Items. Scroll bar - scroll to view more Stock Items. Click OK to save your changes and to process this screen. Click to close or exit this screen. Arrow - indicates the selected Stock Item. The Codes for all the available Stock Items. The Descriptions for all the available Stock Items. The Average Cost for your Stock Items. Unit Cost - The cost price per Stock Item unit. Barcodes will be displayed if you use barcodes. The minimum quantity of Stock Item to be kept before re-ordering Stock Items. Quantity of Stock Items on hand. Minimise button - click to minimise this screen. Restore button - click to restore this screen to its original size. Click to Set the Stock Information up or to edit the Stock Information settings.
Enter or overtype the values in the columns with your new values.
Click on the button to process your changes and save the changes.
Click on the button or the Close button to close or exit this screen. You may also press the key on your keyboard.

If you need to set the Stock Information up, or need to edit the Stock Information, i.e. Unit sizes, Selling Price Descriptions, Cost of Sales settings, etc. click on the Click to launch the Stock Information Setup screen. button. This will launch the Stock Information screen on the Setup - System Parameters menu option.

It is also recommended that:
  • Before you start to adjust stock, check if you have any documents (Invoices, Credit Notes, Goods Returned, Purchases, Orders and Quotes) which is not yet posted or updated to the ledger.


  • The necessary stock reports are generated and checked to ensure that the adjustments are correctly effected in your system.