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You may receive supplier invoices from your creditors or suppliers. These supplier invoices may differ in shape, size and colour. If these documents were received for any services or goods, purchased or procured on credit and which is not your trading stock items, these invoices should be entered in the Input - Batch Entry <F2> menu option.

Before you can start to enter the supplier invoice, it is advisable to check that the entries (description of the service rendered or goods received, pricing and discounts) are correct. If you have issued any orders, you should also check that the items received are received correctly before entering this supplier invoice in your payments journal.

Supplier Invoice heading and number. Date of the Supplier Invoice. VAT registration number must be displayed if the Supplier is registered for VAT. The address of the Creditor or Supplier. The name and address of your business. Transaction details. Errors and omissions excluded. Supplier Invoice total, VAT amount and Inclusive amount payable. Indicates the percentage VAT included. Name of your Supplier or Creditor's business.


If you are registered for VAT, you also need to check whether the items on the invoice received, may be claimed as Input VAT if the supplier is also registered as a VAT vendor. You should note that this invoice must meet certain requirements and that different percentages, may apply for the Input VAT for some items on the invoice. Other items may be excluded from VAT.

Should the supplier invoice be received for trading stock items, this invoice will be a supporting document for the purchase document or goods received note, which you will create in the Input - Documents - Purchase menu option.