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The system date and time will display on most of your reports, etc. The system date is also displayed on the Date Picker as Today's date. The system date is also the default date which are displayed in the date entry and selection fields. If the system date and time is not correct, you may easily adjust it.

To adjust the Date and Time:
Click on the time on the Windows task bar or

Click on the Start - Settings - Control Panel from the Start button on your Task bar. In the Control Panel, select the icon. The Date / Time Properties screen will be displayed.


Click and move the mouse to an area and click again to get the Windows help. Click to close or exit this screen. Click if the date and time is not displayed. Click if you wish to set your time zone. Select the month, if the correct month is not displayed. Select the year, if the correct year is not displayed. Displays the selected month for the selected year. The day your system is using as today's date, is highlighted. Displays your system time. Check that the correct time zone is displayed. If not correct, click on the Time Zone tab and select the time zone. Click to save your changes and to close this screen. Click to cancel or exit this screen without saving any changes. If changes were made, this button will be activated. Click to save or apply your changes. Title bar. Displays your system time. If the time is incorrect, you may set the time. Click to set your time on the Internet. For this option, your system's time on the Internet connection must be activated.
Select the correct month, year and day. If your system time is not correct, you may set the time.
Click on the button.
Click on the button. The correct System Date and Time will be displayed in the TurboCASH program.