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This option allows you to send any reports generated in the Reports menu and Print Options for Documents in the Input - Documents menu if the E-mail option in the Send Report To field is selected.

You may also set the reports to be Send via E-mail in the Setup - System Parameters - Company Info (Options tab) menu option.

Before you may send a Report or a Document via E-mail, you need to have an e-mail account with your Internet Service Provider and your system needs to be properly configured for Internet and E-mail access.


You also need to do the Internet Setup for the specific Set of Books. Should you send a report or document to the Internet, before you have done the Internet Setup, the following Information screen will be displayed:

Click on the button and click on the Setup - System Parameters - Internet menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard. Once the Internet is Setup and your system configured, you may proceed to send the selected reports or documents via the Internet.

To Send a Report or a Document via the Internet:
Launch your Internet connection.
Select the E-mail option in the Send Report To field of any Report Option or Document Option screen, if not already displayed.
Select the options for the specific report or document and click on the or button. The Sending E-mail and Fax Report screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Enter or edit the subject for the message. Select a Carbon Copy Recipient (optional). A list of e-mail addresses of Recipients. A list of the E-mail addresses of the Debtors, Creditors and Contact persons. Click to send the report or document to the Recipient via E-mail. Click to cancel and to close or exit this screen. The status of your connection. Click to add or edit the message.
Enter the subject and select the e-mail address from your address book and click on the button.

Click on the button or on the Close button to close or exit this screen.

Once the e-mail has been send successfully, an e-mail message will be received to confirm that it is sent successfully, when you check for incoming mail.

The names and E-mail addresses in the Address Book are entered in the Edit - Accounts - Debtor (General Information tab) and in the Edit - Accounts - Creditor (General Information tab) and / or in the Edit - Contacts menu option.