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You may launch your E-mail program directly from the Help File if you click on any of the E-Mail addresses when it is displayed in a topic of this Help File. To use this feature, your computer system must be properly setup and the Internet Account with your Internet Service Provider. You would normally send the file if you need to Contact Pink Software for Support on TurboCASH. You may also wish to send an E-mail message to a Consultant, near you. The phone numbers and E-mail addresses of these Consultants may be obtained from the Pink Software Web Site (on the Contact Us page).

To access Pink Software's Web Site, or to see a list of the E-mail Addresses, you may click on the button on Speed bar of the Help File to display a list of Web Site Addresses and E-mail Addresses. You may also click on the button to obtain the E-mail Addresses of the Pink Software Support team.

To Send an E-mail Message to Pink Software (Pty) Ltd:
Click on the E-mail Address if it is displayed in a topic of the Help File or you may click on the button or on the button on the Speed bar. Your E-mail program will automatically be launched.


The selected E-mail Address will automatically be displayed in the To field. Should you wish to change it to a different e-mail address, (e.g. that of your auditor or consultant), you may enter a valid e-mail address to that field.
Add a description to the subject if you wish (e.g. your company name).
Enter your e-mail message. If you wish to attach another document of file to the e-mail, you may click on the File - Attachment menu option of your e-mail program.
Enter your message. You may also wish to attach a file to your message.
Launch your Internet connection and click on the Send button.

If you need to send a TurboCASH Backup file via E-mail, you may create the Backup file on the Backup facility.

Note that your Internet Service Provider may limit your e-mail message (e.g. including attachments to 1.2MB). If the message is larger than the allowed message, your message may not reach the recipient and may be returned.