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You may select the type of paper for your documents created and edited on the Input - Documents menu option. These documents would include your sales documents (quotes, invoices and credit notes) and your purchase documents (orders, purchase or goods received documents and goods returned documents). On any of the Document Entry screens as well as the Print Document Options screen, you will find a Paper Type selection screen:

You may select any of the available paper types to print your documents. If you have selected the Pre-printed or the Forty-paper type, you should note that TurboCASH would not print any headings. Unless you print office copies, you need to have a paper loaded on your printer, which contains the headings document name (Tax invoice), dates, etc.

Note that if Till Slip paper type is selected, the Point-of-Sale Invoice, cannot be printed to the screen, but will be printed to the selected printer as configured on the Setup - System Parameters - Point-of-Sales (Printer tab) menu option.

If you are using continuous paper, you may have to select the dot-matrix printer in the Select a printer and you may have to set the paper margins, size, etc. on the Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup screen.