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This option allows you to save a set of books in any available directory or folder on your system. You must have a set of books open to save the entire set of books with a different name in a directory, which you specify. If you already have an open set of books, please make sure that it is the required set of books you wish to save. If not close the Set of Books and open the Set of Books you wish to save.

If you do not have a set of books open on the system, TurboCASH will inform you accordingly on the following screen.


Click on the button. Open a Set of Books, you wish to save with a different name in any available directory on your system.

To Save a Set of Books As:
Click on the File - Save As menu option or press the and keys on your keyboard. The Save As screen will be displayed.

Title bar - double-click to display the screen in full size or to return to the normal size. Minimise - click to minimise this screen. Restore button - inactive. Close - click to close or exit this screen. The Directory may be changed on the Browse for Folder screen if you click on the Folder icon. Enter an unique name for the Set of Books. No other Set of Books must have the same name. Click to Save the Set of Books. Click to close or exit this screen.
 The default or installation Directory, in which TurboCASH is installed, will be displayed. If you wish to install TurboCASH in another Directory or location on your system, you may click on the folder icon on the right hand side of the Directory field. The Browse for Folder screen will be displayed on which you may select a valid directory or folder on your system in which you wish to Save the Set of Books.
Enter a name in which you wish to save your set of books. The name for the Set of Books must not exist.
Click on the button. The full set of books will be saved into the specific directory with the specified name. When this process are finished, the following confirmation screen will be displayed:

Click on the button to close or exit the Save As screen.

This name may not be the same as a name of a Set of Books that already exists. TurboCASH will inform you if the name you have entered already exists and will request you to re-enter a name.

The Name for the Set of Books may not be left blank. TurboCASH will display the following error message:

To open the Saved Set of Books, click on Open Set of Books and this Set of Books can be selected from the list. With this feature, TurboCASH will display the name of your saved set of books irrespective of the directory in which it was saved, in the List of Set of Books when you Open a Set of Books.