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This option allows you to add or delete the salespersons, which will be selling your stock items, or selling services. Salespersons can be selected whenever a document relating to a customer or a debtor (invoice, credit note, or quote) is processed. Salespersons must also be added if these persons are going to operate a Point-of Sale terminal. These Salespersons will be required to access the Point of Sale Invoices feature.

If you do not intend to use documents, or stock or a "dummy stock item" if you are not controlling stock, but do not wish to generate documents do not create any salespersons.

To Create a Salesperson:
Click on Setup - System Parameters - Salesperson menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard. The Salesperson screen will be displayed:


Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Enter the name of the Salesperson and click on the Add button to add it to the list. Click to add a new Salesperson. Click to delete or remove a selected Salesperson from the list. Scroll bar - drag to view more names of Salespersons if the list is too long. A list displaying a list of all available Salespersons. Click to close or exit this screen.
Enter a the name for the Salesperson
Click on the button. Repeat this process until all your salespersons are added.
Click on the button or press the button on your keyboard to close or exit this screen.

To Delete a Salesperson:

Click on the Setup - System Parameters menu option. The Salesperson screen will be displayed.
Select the name of the Salesperson you wish to delete.
Click on the button.
Click on the button or press the button on your keyboard to close or exit this screen.

Once you have added or deleted your Salespersons, you may link these salespersons to specific debtor accounts in the Edit - Accounts - Debtors menu option. This will be the default Salesperson for a specific Debtor or Customer account, but you may select a different salesperson when processing documents (Invoices, Credit Notes and Quotes).

If salespersons are used when you process debtors or customer documents, the following Sales Analysis Reports may be generated to analyse your sales by salesperson: