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This option will restore your data for a specific set of books or your hard drive or in a valid folder on your system. This option uses the Pkzip to uncompress or unzip the size of files contained in the backup file. To Restore a Set of Books from a Backup, a valid Backup (tcBackup.exe) file must exist.

It may however, happen that your data may for some reason become corrupt. Using the restore facility allows you to restore your data from a previous backup and will correct the possible errors. You may have to re-enter your data since the last backup until your last transaction before it became corrupted. It is recommended that you keep record of which data is backed up and which is not, as to prevent re-entering data that is already on your backup disks. The amount of data to be re-entered depends on the frequency and quantity of your data that is entered, since your last backup.

The very same backup disks or backup files on your hard drive are used to restore your data in your set of books. If you do not make regular backups, you may have to re-enter thousands of transactions and general ledger, debtor, creditor and stock information. It is also important to keep record of your backup disks or files or to label your backup disks to prevent restoring a Set of Books from an incorrect backup disk or file.


B> To Restore a Set of Books:
Click on File - Backup/Restore Set of Books menu option or click on the speed button or icon. You may also press the and and keys on your keyboard. TurboCASH will automatically close the Set of Books. The Backup Set of books screen will be displayed.

Title bar. It will change to Backup Set of Books if the Backup button is selected. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. A list of all valid Sets of Books. Location is the place where the Set of Books is stored on your system. Scroll bar - click and drag to select more Sets of Books from the list. Backup - select to create a backup file for a selected Set of Books. Restore - Select to restore a Set of Books. Click on the icon to select and open an existing Backup File. This option will only be active if the Backup option is selected. Click to locate and select a backup file to restore from, if necessary. The full path Drive, Directories or Folders and the name of the selected Set of Books where the Set of Books displayed. Displays the progress (full path and the files which are restored to the Set of Books). It will also reflect the number of restored files, when the process is completed. Scroll bar - vertical - click or drag to view more added files, etc. Scroll bar - horizontal - click or drag to view more detail of an added file, etc. Click to initiate the process. Stop button not used for the restore process. Cancel button - only to be used on the Backup option. This option is selected by default. Select this option to restore a Set of Books from a server.
Click on the icon. The Backup screen will change to the Restore Set of Books screen.
Select the Name of the Set of Books you wish to restore. Click on the Folder icon on the right hand side of the File Name field to select a Backup file from the TurboCASH Backup Select File screen.

If you have included the system date and time as part of the file name, it will be easier to select the correct backup file to restore from.

If the Backup file for the Set of Books you need to restore is located on a network server, select the option and locate the file on the server.
Select the Drive to Restore from. The default backup path (drive or folder) for a set of books as set in the Setup - Preferences - Backup Path menu option will be displayed. If you have not set the default backup path, the default system drive (normally this would be the Stiffy Drive A) will be displayed. You may select any other drive or folder on your system.

You may also click on the Folder icon on the right hand side of the Restore To field to locate a file your hard drive or network drive in which your backup data is stored on the Browse Folder screen.

If the Stiffy drive is used, TurboCASH will prompt you to insert the next disk until the restore process is completed. You could also select a to Restore from your hard drive e.g. Drive C or any available drive on your network). TurboCASH also allows you to restore from a Re-Writable CD, provided that you have a CD writer installed on your system and the backup is correctly done on the CD.
Click on the button the Information screen will be displayed.

Click on the button, to start the restore process. If you click on the , the operation will be cancelled. When the restore process is completed, the following Information screen will be displayed:

Click on the button.
Click on the button and click on the button on the Backup / Restore Set of Books screen. You may also press the button on your keyboard to close or exit the Backup / Restore Set of Books screen.
Error - File not Found

If no valid Backup file exists, TurboCASH will display an Error message that the Backup file could not be found.

Click on the button. Try to relocate the tcBackup.exe file.